Not as boring as you think

Local histories remain relevant no matter when they were written or where their subject is located.

Local histories sometimes appear dull at first sight. They may prove tiresome, especially if read through at one sitting. But they're not  as boring as sometimes thought. 

Consult your local history and you might read of fierce arguments at the town hall. Your community may have been divided  over some case...

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Fresh light on the value of reading

Reading supplements the visual content we absorb daily. It also provides an element of well being.

Recently I met an old friend, someone I had not been in contact with for many years. What he said in our ensuing conversation exemplified the value of reading as a means of self renewal.

My friend told me how  reading was responsible for his recovery  when a nervous breakdown debilitated him


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Bookselling has influence

Bookselling's sense of purpose is elevated by the influence of books.

Many booksellers have sold the books identified in Andrew Taylor's Books That Changed The World  The  50 most influential books in human history.2008. His absorbing essays summarise the content and examine the influence of all 50 books selected.The books are of prose, poetry, fiction and non fiction. ...

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